About Us

ILoveFashion is synonymous to personalisation. Established in Feb 2016, A brainchild of Fashionpreneurs – Jyoti Kataria & Ravina Lulla,

ILoveFashion quickly garnered traction across India. From an Instagram store, to being available on Amazon and now owning its own E-commerce website since June 2018.

Our multi-channel e-tail approach and commitment to perfection means every customer can experience the brand, regardless of their budget or geographical location.

We are united with you in the drive to give an utmost shopping experience with a team of meticulous experts representing The brand, specialising in curated accessories that will woo every fashion lover. Our accessories are not only beautiful, but each has its own unique story, just like you. We are all about creating products where form meets function, a notion of understated chic and the creation of products with a luxury feel at an attainable price point.

While we design and curate unique fashion for end users: we listen hard to understand buyer needs.

The drive to make things identifiably, uniquely ours, however, is not a new phenomenon. But in a world of massy goods and Instagram scrolling, personalisation has more power than ever.

The need to stand out of the crowd holds more significance than just the ecstasy of shopping!

The act of engraving or stamping your name, zodiac sign, and beautiful vintage bronze decals of designs or motifs with a robust variation, metal name initials creates a kind of emotional resonance with the product, giving us the chance to show our eccentricity, our creativity, to tell the story of us.

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