The drive to make things identifiably, uniquely ours, however, is not a new phenomenon. But in a world of massy goods and Instagram scrolling, personalisation has more power than ever. The need to stand out of the crowd holds more significance than just the ecstasy of shopping! The act of engraving, stamping or embroidering your name, zodiac sign, your name initials or motifs creates a kind of emotional resonance with the product, giving us the chance to show our eccentricity, our creativity, to tell the story of us. The luxury stationer Smythson’s were among the first to create personalised luxury leather diaries and notebooks since 1887. The option to add this element of distinct individuality, with choices of colours and fonts allows your personality to shine through every time a diary is opened. At a cognitive level, it totally charms our psychological penchant for personalisation.

But more than personalisation, it is the sentiment of making your own product that has worked its magic with our consumers. And this process has come to be called as ‘Apotheosis’. A product that we customise to reflect ourselves is automatically more valuable. When we are involved in the creation process of a product, we are inclined to view that product more favourably. This is a result of our investment in its construction, an investment of self-expression and time. 

Instead of predicting individual preferences, we at ilovefashion always address the rigidity of choice for everyday accessories such as wallets, diaries, passport covers and keychains, making it luxurious and just-for-you!

We’ve picked out fourof our favourite bespoke pieces to give your everyday essentials an edge: SHOP NOW

  • Personalised Passport Covers
  • Keychains
  • Women
  • Men Wallets
  • Travel Diaries
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