Holi - the time of the year that reminds us of the importance of colors in our lives and splashes freshness all over, taking away the dullness.

Talking about adding color and whisking off dullness, have you noticed your close friend always carrying that old colorless wallet for years? Have you seen your beloved partner, relative or colleague who loves travel, always carrying that bare blue passport in hand for every international trip? Have you witnessed your writer buddy always using the same diary for noting every interesting bit? 

If you have, then this Holi you have a chance to wave the magic wand and bring color to their lives! This year celebrate Holi in style, by gifting a trendy wallet, a stylish passport cover or a snappy travel diary to your loved ones from ILoveFashion. The unique and carefully chosen color blends used for all products are so amazing that they give a very special effect. Take for example the passport covers. There are choices to customize everything from material to design to colors. With a robust choice of embellishments that come in colorful peppy style as well as classy vintage style decals based on hobby, animal, bird, likes & choices, the brand offers colors from beige, burgundy, gold, lilac, green, orange and many more, there’s always the right one for every personality. Similarly, unique materials define the unique YOU from trendy denim to more subtle saffiano to chic glitter and more. To add more a user can opt 2 types of name styles, add phrases, initials, quotes engraved on name tags. In no more than a few minutes you are ready with your very own unique personalized passport cover that calls out to you!

Men’s wallets that are traditionally labeled as dull colored have been redefined in color by ILoveFashion. Their designers have introduced wallets in such appealing colors and designs that once you get one you will never feel like going back to the old style colorless wallets. The color offerings for men’s wallet have been carefully chosen to stay inline with the tastes and preferences of all alike. You can opt for desert brown, jade green or even soothing light gray. More sublime colors like tan brown, oak gray and black are available too that look simply superb once paired up with the right decal charms. 

Same holds true for the other products offered by the site - whether it’s women’s wallets, personalized travel diary, luggage tags, keychains, zipper wallet or other host of items.

The common theme on the site is providing color with quality and style! Everything comes with an unspoken bond of commitment to high quality. The motto of the company is to make customers for life. So starting from a smooth ordering process all the way to timely delivery and customer support, ILoveFashion promises a great customer experience.

So this Holi don’t just stop at spraying water color and gulal on your friends and family. Take it a notch up and spray their lives with color of personalization by giving them a uniquely theirs experience! As you browse through the site, do check out the amazing offers going on right now with deals on minimum purchase to combo offers and great discounts. Happy Holi and Happy Holi Shopping!

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