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The New Age Wallets - Card Holders & Zipper Wallets!

For the minimalists among us the mantra is ‘less is more’ and there is an urge to find efficiency in everything even in the necessities as wallets and purses. Why carry a bulky purse or a multi-pocket, multi-layer wallet when all you really need is space to carry a few cards, some cash and coins? Come to think of it, this logic makes sense! To cater to precisely this thought process, ILoveFashion offers 2 amazing products - zipper wallets and card holders. When your need is to carry just the basics in the best possible way, these products are your good friends.

Women love their purses, no question about that! Sometimes though the situation calls for a hands free outing when you would like to just slide in the few important cards and some cash in your pocket and be in your way. Zipper wallets and card holders are just the thing for such scenarios.

Men known for never stepping out without that bulky wallet full of receipts, visiting cards, coupons and a whole lot of stuff that’s not really super important can get a break and declutter by using card holders or zipper wallets that satisfy all necessities without the bulk.

Personalized Card Holders at ILoveFashion 

ILoveFashion has a great collection of Personalized card holders that are unisex and appeal equally well to both men and women. The uniquely handcrafted product is made of faux leather and has a very fine finish. They are available in multiple colors to choose from ranging from superb Black and Tan brown for a masculine look to suave metallic silver and niche dark green for a more subtle look. The card holders are designed with simplicity in mind and can accommodate upto 4 electronic cards. User can personalize it with their name and a beautiful vintage decal charm with a variety of categories to choose from. Extra charm options are also provided that can be accommodated at the back of the card holder. With the cost so low, this product serves as a very ‘pocket friendly’ item in every sense of the word!

Personalized card holders from ILoveFashion make a perfect gift for work colleagues. They make a statement for being a professional gift item that’s suitable for both male and female work friends alike. With the price tag so tempting, they also work great as a bulk gift item. If you are hosting a birthday party or an office get together or even a marriage function, this is an amazing choice that will make a mark on the hearts of all recipients.

Personalized Zipper Wallets at ILoveFashion

If your need is to store a little bit more than a few cards, then zipper wallets are just right for you. Personalized zipper wallets at ILoveFashion are crafted with users needs in mind. Handmade with vegan leather, these wallets have 1 zipper slot, 2 card slots in the back and 1 in the front. Each card slot can hold upto 2 cards. The zipper slot can accommodate cash notes or coins or upto 3 electronic cards. That’s a lot of storage packed efficiently! These are also offered in a range of unisex colors ranging from stylish Black and Tan brown to more contemporary dark green. A color to suit every personality type.

Whether card holder is your thing or the zip wallet, you’ve got to hop on to the latest trend of going basic with these stylish and cost effective products. While you are checking these out, don’t forget to peek at our amazing deals of the season and our bundle up and save packages to entice you! Choose from ‘Spoil her’ package with women’s wallet + card holder + keychain or ‘Spoil Him’ package with men’s clutch + zipper wallet + keychain or go with any other option of your choice on your website, you are sure to come our happy and satisfied with your purchase!