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Meet with your new BFF that you won’t be able to live without

Hola! Brace yourself.

You’re about to meet with your new BFF that you didn’t know before. And yet we know that once you get your hands on it, it’ll be a happily ever after and you won’t be able to live without it. You might even wonder how you coped without it so far.

Presenting, Personalized Multipurpose Pouch by ILoveFashion, handmade with love and care, just for you and your loved ones.

Why is Personalized Multipurpose Pouch by ILoveFashion your new bestie?

Glad that you asked. Afterall, successful relationships are supposed to add meaning and value to your life. And that’s exactly what Personalized Multipurpose Pouch by ILoveFashion does. This pouch is truly multipurpose and versatile in its functionality. You can use it as a men's grooming pouch, women’s cosmetic pouch, toiletry pouch, travel kit or even as a stationery pouch. You can also tug it along as a stylish accessory to carry all your random essentials.

Surprise your loved ones, be it your siblings, parents, friends or even your partner, with this perfectly thoughtful gift uniquely customized to their liking.

Basically, it comes to your rescue at so many times, in so many ways and makes you look good and well put together, effortlessly. It always has your back when it comes to carrying your accessories and essentials. Isn’t that what besties are for?

What makes it oh-so-good and why is it totally drool-worthy?

Well, a long list but here are some good reasons to get you started. It’s made of high quality faux leather. It has felt fabric lining at the inside, to protect and sustain the customization, making the pouch sturdy & flexible, at the same time, to carry with ease. It’s easy to use & carry along in a handbag, backpack, suitcase or travel bag.

It is for everyone irrespective of gender, age or any other differences. It comes with a wide range of customization options making it a truly personalized experience (rather than a mere product) to add to your life.

What are your personalization options?

This product provides you with complete flexibility to choose customization features. For charm lovers, we offer a variety of vintage charm design options for about 241 designs differentiated as per hobbies, leisure, birds, animals, liking, nature, profession, inspiration, comic/ fiction etc. A user can customize with a name engraved/ stamped on an artificial leather name tag with predefined color and vintage decal charm designs. Or you can engrave your favorite go-to phrases and quotes to stay connected with what inspires you.

Just look at the long list of color options to choose from: Beige, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Denim Black, Denim Blue, Denim Indigo, Denim Light Blue, Denim Rusty Blue, Light Grey, Jade Green, Light Blue, Orange, Peach Pink, Red, Tan Brown, Navy Blue.

And all this at a real bargain

A user can pay for "whatever features are required with 100% freedom in option form".

These pouches come at a highly competitive pricing considering best quality for faux leather products in terms of lifespan, lining material and quality of charms.

How to care for this product? Cleaning tips?

The toiletry / multi-purpose pouch will be customized with name or initials as per the user’s choice, hence as a precaution and sustaining personalisation, we cannot wash these products, it will spoil the customization.

Customization of name and vintage decals can be cleaned with dry cloth while remaining product areas can be carefully cleaned with a moist cotton dab followed by dry cloth swiping immediately.

Uncompromising User Experience, Guaranteed

You can reach out to us on Whatsapp for any guidance, innumerable times, if they have any doubts or if they are not 100% comfortable working on the website. You can mark the customization on a piece of paper and share, pay & order at whatsapp chat. However, the website is preferred so as buyers get shipment update emails to document their purchase safely in their inbox.

Shhhh! A little birdie told us a secret…

There is nothing more unique than having your name beautifully engraved on something as useful as this pouch. And what could be better than expressing your love and gratitude to your loved ones with this personalized gift?

Gift this multipurpose utility pouch to your parents and even grandparents and see their everyday becoming a little more organized and better with this. Usually our elders need our care, love and guidance as usually they miss children or grandchildren who might be away for studies or work. This pouch will take away their confusion as they can use one pouch for anything to everything petty that they have to carry or manage. Personalize this gift for them by adding a personal quote or phrase that reminds them of you and makes them smile everytime they see it.

So, next time when you need to buy a gift, it’ll be a pleasure instead of scratching your head about what to give. It’s also a perfect gift to buy for yourself and indulge in a little self-love.