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Personalized Men's Wallet At ILoveFashion

No matter what profession they are in, no matter what hobbies they have, no matter what liking they have - one thing all men have to carry irrespective of their differences is - The Mighty WALLET! The item that commands respect from all people alike most certainly needs a special attention for buying/gifting.

In spite of wallets being such a necessity for men, the range of offerings for men’s wallets is very limited in mainstream malls. That’s where ILF’s personalized men’s wallets come in the picture. We provide a revolutionary approach to the wallet buying experience. Not only do you get to choose the color and kind of material for the wallet, but also the words you want etched across the surface and any charms of your choosing to deck it up. Addition of charms brings out the true customization of the product to match your Signature style. Our beautifully crafted decal charms get seamlessly engraved on the wallet giving it a unique appealing look and creating an unforgettable personalised mens wallet.

Choose the Right Wallet Online - The Personalized wallet for “me”

What sets our brand apart from our competitors is our attention to detail right from carefully chosen materials all the way to the precision of excellent craftsmanship in creating a fine wallet that’s a privilege to carry, all along keeping the prices attractive to the customers. We use Saffiano leather for smooth surfaced self textured product and also a refined version - the Metallic Saffiano for an elegant shine. For our users who prefer a leathery look but are averse to carry fashion at the expense of wildlife, we offer Faux leather option as well. Same goes with our selection of decal charms. We take pride in choosing only the best quality metal brass as our base for the charms. The vintage charms have an antique finish while the peppy charms are colorful with a non-metallic finish. All this put together will give you a personalized wallet that’s so good it will make you come back for more products from our catalog.The wallet interiors have been designed with keeping men’s needs in view with ample space for cards, cash, a hidden slot, and a coin zipper. Our attention to detail in crafting the highest quality wallets that are long lasting, durable, eye-catching and yet at a very affordable price is our benchmark. For every guy with great taste, this wallet will call out - it’s a “personalized wallet for ME!”

How to Get it Customized at ILoveFashion?

  • The wallets are available in a variety of colors and shades and you can choose according to your or your loved one’s taste and preference. You can go with our Classic choices of color - Tan, Dark Brown, Black or Desert Brown and if you want to make a style statement go with our unique options- Charcoal Grey, Dark Green, Maroon or Oak Grey. Royal blue will be sure to make an energetic and bold choice. If you are looking for something elegant, go with light color hues of Jade Green, Light Grey. There’s a choice available for all personality types!
  • The wallet can be customized to be truly called a personalized wallet for me with your name or initials carved on it and you can also choose a decal charm to put on it. You can choose from on of the two styles in name type & a huge variety in vintage emblem charm designs of several birds, animals, hobbies, lifestyle & emotions. Made with high quality chrome plated stainless steel, the engravings of name initials and charms make it a classy gift item.
  • The best part is that all this can be done online sitting in the comfort of your home. You just pick the charm and give the name that you want on the wallet. The customized wallet as per your request will reach you in a few days.

A good quality and wisely bought wallet will serve for many years. However, with lots of choices available you might be tempted to buy more often. Buying a finely crafted personalized men’s wallet with an elegant touch is certainly a great gift.

Apart from the personalized men's wallet , you can also find cool wallets for women, men’s clutch bags, card holders, keychains, travel diaries, luggage tags, and zipper wallets to add panache to your look.