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Men’s Clutch Bags - A Great Alternative to the Regular Wallets

Men’s clutch bags are a fashion trend that’s not very widely known but nevertheless commands respect of those who carry them in style! Not all men like the standard wallets and there could be many reasons for it - some are put off by the bulging pockets, some find them uncomfortable in the trousers and some simply don’t prefer them. They don’t have to make a compromise anymore especially when there’s a stylish alternative - the clutch bag. Not only do they free up the trousers from carrying the extra burden of cash, cards , coins etc, they are much more spacious. 

Men’s clutch bags offer a one stop place to hold all your items. You won’t have to carry a mobile phone in a separate pocket and risk forgetting it some place or the other. The cash, cards, coins, mobile phone- they all can stay together in perfect harmony in the clutch bag. What a convenience!

Personalized Men’s Clutch Bags at ILoveFashion

Ilovefashion, the brand known for its knack of style with utility has a great collection of Personalized Men’s Clutch Bags. Here are a few of the salient features of these trendy clutch bags:

  • High Quality Material: The clutch bags are made with smooth and light weight vegan leather that's sturdy enough to carry all men’s necessities. 
  • Great Colors: The bags are offered in 2 of men’s favorite colors - Royal Black and Stunning Brown, both with a smooth finish to give an upscale elegant and smart look.
  • Protective Design: Since the clutch bag would be carrying valuables, the main opening is provided as a leather key loop hole which secured the main compartment effectively. The opening is designed to smoothen out with usage.
  • Ample Space: There is no dearth of space in this carefully designed clutch bag. With 9 sections for electronic cards, 2 sections for cash/ slim mobile phone, 1 detachable section for cash or cheque book or essential documents, there’s enough room to store all your valuables at once place. If you are travelling light, you can always detach the middle cash/cheque book section. That’s A grade stuff when it comes to customization.
  • Unique Personalization: ILoveFashion offers many personalization choices. The users can customize the clutch bag with their name using quality brass material with a great finish to give a very special elegant touch of personalization. They can customize it further by choosing a vintage decal charm to go with their personality. There are many categories of charms to choose from, ranging from religious to travel, sports, vacation and so on.
  • Ease of Order: All it takes is just a few clicks to get your order ready to ship. With very clear and easy to follow the directions you will be able to specify the exact customization as well as shipping info. What’s more, we deliver free of charge across mainland India so you won’t have to bother about the shipping overhead. Our services don’t just end here, we provide guaranteed delivery support to all our customers to ensure that they receive a great product.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We take pride in boasting about our satisfied customer base. Lots of reviews from satisfied customers on our website is a testimony of the high quality products we offer and would give you the peace of knowing that your purchase was a good one.

All these reasons make it worthwhile to invest in a unique style choice of a personalized clutch bag. While you are at it, do check out our entire portfolio of products including personalized men’s wallets, personalized zipper pouch, personalized card holders, passport covers, women’s purse and many more. You will be pleased to buy more from our amazing collection.