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Luggage Tags - A Natural Choice for Personalization!

When we think of personalization, there are a few things for which personalization feels more of a necessity than merely a style choice. Luggage tags belong to that category. Your name engraved on a personalized luggage tag gives a true meaning to the concept of luggage identification in a very natural yet unique way. Another great thing about a luggage tag is that it’s a universally generic item that’s useful to all demographics - men & women, young & old, stylish & simple - it appeals to everyone alike. So it undoubtedly makes for a perfect inexpensive gift choice. 

Ever been in a situation where you are in the baggage claim area of the airport and in the sea of luggage that emerge, every other one seems to be your own? At this point you promise yourself that you will put some visible identification on your luggage to relieve you from this anxiety next time. And alas you find yourself there yet again. This is where personalized luggage tags from ILoveFashion come into the picture. With eye-catching colors and fun travel-inspired decal charms embedded on them, these luggage tags are sure to enhance the looks of your luggage, not to mention the ease of identification. These are a must-have product for a seasoned traveler. And since they are so affordable, you can buy multiple of these at once and stick them on your handbags, carry-ons bags, suitcases, trolley bags and so on. They come with adjustable loops to easily fit around handles of varied thickness.

ILoveFashion’s Commitment to Quality

ILoveFashion stands out from the multitude of competitors out there for a lot of reasons. For starters, we always offer a promise of authenticity and quality. All our products including luggage tags are handmade with the highest standards of craftsmanship and are thoroughly quality checked to ensure you never land with a substandard product. We also pay great emphasis on ethics and hence as a brand we are committed to producing products without harming any life. For this reason we only offer faux leather products while providing enhanced experience with saffiano finish as options in certain offerings. Staying in line with quality all the way, we also carefully choose the alphabet engravings as well as decal charms to be of high quality brass metal with vintage antique finish. Our goal is always to create finished products that are a pride for the product owners to carry and own. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction doesn’t stop until the delivery. We take great care in ensuring impeccable packaging in beautiful satin gift boxes and provide free shipping all across India. Once you place your order, you can rest assured that you will receive a personalized gift that best in its league. Our many satisfied customer reviews are a testament to this promise of ours.

ILoveFashion offers personalized luggage tags in a variety of colors. One can choose from Black, Burgundy, Lilac and Teal Blue - all unique color choices to make your luggage stand apart. The user gets a whole range of vintage decal charms to choose from with categories that include hobbies, crafts, leisure, animals and many more. The tags have a lined paper inside that gives option for user to provide important contact details like name, address, phone or email in case of misplacement. The tags are carefully chosen to be of a dimension that’s neither too big to unduly obstruct the handle nor too small to obscure the very purpose of the tag. With all the details so carefully thought out, this purchase is sure to be worth it. So, wait no further and go ahead with the luggage tag you so certainly need and why just stop there, pair up your luggage tag with a matching personalized passport cover to truly make a travel statement. Be sure to check out the entire array of products offered at ILoveFashion that are sure to entice you like travel diary, men’s and women’s wallets, coin purses and many more.