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Your Perfect Companion on Every Trip - Personalized Diary from ILoveFashion

Come to think of it, the concept of vacations is very evasive! Once we have the destination and dates locked in, the cycle of planning, prepping, dreaming starts and before you know it, you are there living the dream! You plan to take pictures to capture every moment of fun as a keepsake but you either end up taking hundreds of them that you never get around to filtering or you are so in the moment that you click none.With a blink of an eye, it's all over and you are back and it becomes a memory that soon fades away. Story of our lives!

Ever wished you could capture those awesome vacations in words rather than those moment ruining pictures that you never get around to seeing? Ever felt that urge to pen it all down but the motivation never built to the max? Here’s a product that will motivate you enough to start your journey of the written word! Your very own personalised travel diary! Travel diaries make such a sweet companions to every trip you take, accompanying you along the memory lane reviving each bygone new encounter, each interesting conversation, each mesmerizing experience. What if one is made especially for you with your name imprinted across the cover calling you to unleash your creativity on the paper! That’s the magic of a personalized travel diary!

Diaries Done Right - the ILoveFashion Way

Is there a travel enthusiast among your friends? Do you have a relative who loves to write? Or an office colleague who is always full of great stories from their vacations? If you answered yes to any of those, you definitely need to check out the amazing collection of our travel diary offerings. These are no ordinary travel diaries we sell at, rather quite the opposite! With sleek and stylish name personalization, a wide range of colors and hues to choose from as well as unique charms as add ons, the travel diary will be a match to none you or your loved one would have ever seen. As we do with every handcrafted product on our site, we have taken every requirement of seasoned and amateur writers in creating this diary. The diary has refillable lined pages to ensure you never run out of space while on your excursion - talk about extensibility! The diary is so customizable that you can change the inside diary all-together if you want at a future date to give it an all new look. The pages are easily removable from the spiral slot, so you don’t have to worry about making a mistake and staying stuck to it, you can just tear it away without a trace. This option of easily removable pages can come in handy to use as a quick to-do list (much needed on the trip!) as well. Need to share a quick info with someone? Simply slide out a page from the diary and slip it away to a friend. The uses are unlimited! The personalized diary also has an ID card slot to make it easier to locate this invaluable treasure of it ever goes missing! A personalized diary gifted from ilovefashion is sure to impress your special writer friend and/or loved one!

Personalized Diary choices galore!

What choices do we offer for a personalised travel diary? Hold on tight as we walk you through our extensive range of options in personalizing:

  1. Color and Material: Our travel diaries are made of Faux leather also known as vegan leather in today’s cruelty-conscious world and we are proud partners in that effort. Color options have been provided keeping all tastes in mind - ranging from our chic pink, peach pink and orange colors to more versatile range of metallic colors like Metallic silver, Matt gold and rose gold options. For elegant writers we also have bold options of red, blue and beige.
  1. Decal Charms: Users can customize their diaries by choosing from our collection of vintage charm categories which include designs from the arts, travel, wildlife, fashion and many more categories to give it a truly unique look.
  1. Name Personalization: You can choose to put your first name or last name or both. You can even put a befitting quote engraved on the diary to make it a very special gift. Imagination is the only limit while thinking of personalization options!

Ilovefashion’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction doesn’t just stop here. It goes all the way to a smooth and timely delivery of your carefully crafted order. We take pride in providing free hassle-free shipping of all our products across India. 

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