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Tired of Electronic Power Cords and Cables around your Work Desk, Cell Phone, and Car? 

It’s time to just relax and sit back. ILoveFashion is here to fix all your problems. A wire holder is not only convenient but also methodized. It is designed in a way that it can be used for various products like earphones, phone chargers, USB cables, power cords and computers, laptops, audio wires, any work desk or office desk. Want your earphones to stop tumbling down again and again? Wire holder to the rescue. Wire holder is a very simple product and offers security to your earphone demands.

How Wire Holders are Useful?

Wire holders are great as they are made for people with an active lifestyle, for casual users and other professionals. These cable holders are adjustable so that it can fit in easily irrespective of the size. Earphones will never fit so securely before.

If you haven’t heard of an earphone holder, here’s a shelter for your entangled electronic cords!

ILoveFashion comes up with a long-lasting wire holder that is easily accessible and is very reliable to the core. It is quick and easy to use. In a world saturated with unorganized belongings, a wire holder is a perfect way to reduce stress. The most distinct way to keep your earphones from tangling is by using earphones holder. These cable organizers are a dapper accessory for your ever-tangling pair of earphones. They are simple and modern looking and would simply add to your style statement. These help in keeping the earphones safe and help sustaining product life whether it is at the office or home cubicle.

What makes it Unique?

Products at ILoveFashion come with highest life span fabric with felt fabric lining to hold product intact. Genuine & true quality raw materials, colour & threads embedded with precision craftsmanship when we customize the wire holder according to your choice. Personalization with name or initials engraved along with embellishments of metal emblem charms. We have launched the product in Faux Leather & Denim material which is 100% vegan. When it comes to choice we offer will be a classic brown color and different colours in denim, including denim wash options.

Time to Save Money and Go for Quality Oriented Product ?

We provide affordable & competitive product price available across India, it is easily accessible and reliable to shop online, get delivered by top logistic partners with commendable customer service & delivery support, all-inclusive with no hidden charges at the check-out. Be assured that you don’t have to spend much repeatedly on the replacement of electronic cables.

What is the Benefit of Cable Organizers? Clutter or Not to Clutter?

The choice is yours as you want something that would add trouble to your life or something that would make it easy for you. This wire holder or cable organizer helps keep your essentials in place, without risk of getting entangled, ensuring safety while using an earphone or organizing office cables, or cleaning your work desk.

Are the Wire Holders Washable?

The wire holder will be customized with name or initials as per the user’s choice, hence as a precaution and sustaining personalisation, we cannot wash these products, it will spoil the customization. However, the user can clean the product with a moist cotton dab so as to give a fresh look to it.

Give a Better Look to your Clients as Well!

This wire holder goes perfectly well in workspaces. In fact, when there are visitors in your office or home one can just use them as it adds sophistication to the work desk. Imagine your space to look scattered and clumsy which would put a bad impression on any visitor. Hence a wire holder would add glory to your space. It’s also a great gift to present your loved ones and another way of letting them know to be organized.