“80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalized experiences.”

-Digital Transformation Research, Epsilon

Consider this scenario. You’re a working woman. A wallet is one of the must-haves in your fashion wardrobe. And if you’ve ever shopped in the women’s wallet section, be it at your local retail stores, malls or even at online stores, it’s not an easy task to find a women’s wallet. You can find totes, handbags, clutches, but a women’s wallet that is both functional and fashionable, well, that’s a tricky ask. 

Your birthday is around the corner. Your partner has been scratching their head over what to gift you this time. On your weekly trip to the mall, they learn that you need a new wallet. So they sneakily go, buy and wrap the perfect gift for you, a sharp looking women’s wallet. They nailed your birthday gift, or have they? 

Your best buddy also plans to buy the same gift, but well, they know you like no one else. After some research they come across our website, find the right women’s wallet for you, and go on adding charms of your liking and your name on it. Voila! 

On your birthday, you open the gifts. Your partner has gifted you exactly what you needed and you feel so grateful for it. And then you unwrap the gift from your bestie, and lo and behold, here’s this unique wallet, reflecting who you are and with your name on it. It feels like it’s made for you and you only. You don’t even realize before you go like “Wow!!!!”.

You see, how just a little touch of personalization transformed a mere utility product into a unique possession to treasure. 

That’s how personalization, done right, takes people from just a hmmmm to a heartfelt wow. 

And that’s why the likes of Marissa Meyer believe in power of personalization when she says, “to me, the future is personalization.”

People Crave Novelty

It’s no hidden fact that human beings love and crave for novelty. We all like shiny new things - a new place, new foods, new hobbies, latest gadgets, fast fashion, latest entertainment, next level of a game or even a new job. But why? Dopamine. Period.

There is considerable research done in neuroscience and neurobiology on what is it about novelty that drives us. And the answer they found is that it’s got to do with Dopamine, also referred to as “the reward center” of our brain. 

When we set our eyes on new things or have unique experiences, it sets our dopamine levels go crazy, making us feel that happy rush. And we keep seeking that happy high because happiness is it’s own reward. 

That’s why an ordinary women’s wallet or even a travel diary, with a touch of personalization, makes you feel so much happier than just any other item. Because it feels like a reward.

It Makes You Feel Special

Personalization makes people feel special. And who doesn’t like feeling special? Personalization makes us feel like we matter, that we’re important and that we’re unique. We also need constant reminders to keep feeling special. 

Call it ego or a basic psychological need, one likes to be reminded that how one is so special. Personalization helps with that. 

A good gift is a thoughtful gift. And personalization is the sureshot way to show that thoughtfulness.

Your Bragging Rights Done Right

Personalized products are head turners. How do celebrities announce that they have arrived? One word - personalization. Since personalization makes you feel special, personalized products by default become your bragging rights. People love to show off their personalized items. It’s almost like becoming a brand in your own right. 

You know, people are going to ask you where you got it from. People are going to compliment you on your cool new personalised womens wallet, and may be feel a little jealous. Let’s be honest, that’s a guilty pleasure we all have enjoyed at some point.

A personalised travel diary with your favorite charms and with your name on it, is so much cooler than just an off-the-shelf diary. You’re also more likely to feel motivated to use this travel diary. 

Are you looking to wow a loved one?

Or are you looking to indulge in some self-pampering?

Go on, give our personalized product a try.

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