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During this difficult time, the safety of our customers and ILoveFashion staff members is our highest priority.  As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic unfolds, we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. 

We are accepting orders,please read the FAQ. High safety measures are being taken at our workshop. We hope this universe provides you with a place of comfort, inspiration and style at this difficult time.

We remain hopeful that the situation improves quickly and send our love to all those affected.


Team ILoveFashion

Frequently Asked Question's


Shopping / Orders

We have started accepting orders. All our products are exquisite & handmade & we need 5 to 10 days to prepare the order. As a brand, we are taking all necessary precautions :- right from making the product ready to packing it for logistic partner.

  • Our logistic partners are diligently following all necessary precautions.
  • As per recent updates & notice from government authorities, order delivery will impact in areas where spread of covid19 has increased & hence order delivery can be 24hrs to 10 business days or more.
  • Logistic partners across India & Local authorities are striving their best, to safeguard us as a citizen, considering this, if a particular postal code is showing under delivery zone when "order is shipped" but it goes under lockdown when "order delivery is in transit", this situation delays order delivery & this delay is for safety of a citizen & we urge buyers to understand & co-operate.
  • In case any postal code is not eligible for order delivery, our team communicates the same.
  • At at point in time, buyer can whatsapp our team at +91 99305 05002 and seek support.
  • Please save our email ID in your safe mailing list, for important communications we share against your respective order.
We are an online brand & products are personalised with the help of customized options and form available on our website,which is designed with meticulous expertise & designers who guide over whatsapp chat. Since these are handmade products we do not have a facility where a user can interact or customize products along with a craftsman at workshop.
Yes indeed, we have a contact us form where users can send their respective requirement. Please note:- bulk order discounts are valid on any product quantity more than 10 pieces each product)
Yes you can, in case you whatsapp us at +91 99305 05002 immediately or within next 1 hour after making order payment. Post that we would not be able to change anything.
Yes please mention in buyer request, while filling the customization form and our team shall take care.
Yes we can, only if the product base is artificial leather without any card board or metal support inside the artificial leather.
Please check the mailbox Junk / Spam folder for an email from and please save this email ID for all future communications. Still if there is not email found and money is deducted from your bank account, please whatsapp us immediately at +91 99305 05002

Shipping / Delivery

It entirely depends on real time basis, order flow. If we can accommodate urgent orders, we never disappoint our buyers & if we cannot we honestly communicate the same. Usually our team needs 24 business hours to 4 business days to prepare the order, our logistic partner - Bluedart is the fastest among India when it comes to promising order deliveries,where many postal pin-code's are served under 24 hours delivery process.
Yes you can, in case you whatsapp us at +91 99305 05002 immediately or within next 1 hour after making order payment. Post that we would not be able to change anything. 
We always recommend a user to mention neighbor or security person name and number in buyer request while you make order, if you are not available at the address for delivery. If someone is always present at address for receiving the order, and still you do not get order delivered, we recommend this small exercise, to check with family members, office staff, security guards, neighbor hood - they would have received order on your behalf & if no one has received order on your behalf, whatsapp us at +91 99305 05002 so that we escalate this to courier company on your behalf.

Customize / Personalisation

A charm or emblem or logo are decorative embellishments which beautify the product, as per one's choice of hobby, interest, animal, bird, music, sport etc. Decal charms comes in 2 different kinds at ILoveFashion. Vintage Decal charms & Peppy Decal Charms. Vintage Decal charms are made of very high quality antique bronze finish emblems. Peppy decal charms are made of eco friendly polymer and fabric material.
At ILoveFashion, we give 2 options to a user, for customizing name on the product they choose. Name Engrave & Metal Alphabets. 
  • A Name Engrave is a process of stamping each alphabet manually on an artificial leather name strap and holding its left and right side with a metal bronze finish rivet which has a head on top and leg below.
  • Metal alphabet is pasting individual alphabet directly on the product with meticulous expertise & then holding the alphabet head with same metal bronze finish rivet, which is why each alphabet will have its individual rivet to hold it intact.
After seeing the Product options, colors & charm options as displayed on our website, A user can always draw a sketch with markings, where they need which charm code and name or phrase or quote and whatsapp +91 99305 05002 If that goes feasible we guide and suggest accordingly, post which buyer can proceed to order on website.

A user can see Product media on social media channels.

  • Instagram highlights on our brand page @ilovefashionestore on instagram
  • Official Youtube channel 
  • Product images uploaded in buyer review section on Google, Amazon pages, website product pages.
  • Please shortlist and select the product color and charm codes which you love the most. Mention them in the form, In placement section mention "As Per Expert", our design team and experts will make the most beautiful product. In case our team finds your selection as inappropriate to execute or not suitable, we call or chat over whatsapp, we take consent if where we have a doubt, only after a user consent, a product is made ready.

Passport Covers

Our passport covers are available in 5 different material kinds :-
  • Faux leather, Saffiano leather & Metallic Saffiano leather passport covers can accommodate up to 3 stapled or glued passports.
  • Denim & glitter passport covers can accommodate up to 2 stapled or glued passports
ILoveFashion passport covers do not have a loop or a button closure because of the product craftsmanship. The inside lining is of felt fabric which holds everything without letting anything fall. The passport covers are sturdy enough and do not need a closure.
We do not have a passport wallet as of now, we would launch it very soon. Our passport cover can hold upto 4 electronic cards, 1 boarding pass below the card slots besides 3 stapled/glued passports.

Men Wallet

Yes we do have a unisex zipper wallet which has a zipper to protect cash and coins and it has 3 electronic card slots.

Return / Cancellation / Exchange Policy

if an order is not a urgent order, A user does not mention early delivery in buyer request, in that case a user has to whatsapp +91 9930505002 immediately or in next 1 hour after making order payment. We accept order cancellation within 24 hours after making an order payment because that is usually when the order is still in process and its not prepared and we can refund order amount after deducting 3% cancellation charges. Refund always happens to same source from where payment is made.

A user has to order only after seeing :-

  • Product quality on our official youtube channel 
  • Buyer reviews on Amazon, Google, Website reviews.
  • Since these products are handmade and customized with "your name" & "details which you want on the product", the products do not fall under return / exchange/ cancellation policy.

  • At ILoveFashion, every product is made ready with exact instructions, petty instructions on customization. Still if a user gets a wrong product or there is a mistake in customization due to human error, please share the product image with us on whatsapp chat at +91 99305 05002 and as a brand we make a new product and dispatch it as soon as we can because nothing can be changed to the old product where customization has been fixed permanently.

  • If a charm is missing or a feature for which you have made a payment, please share the product image with us on whatsapp chat at +91 99305 05002 and we refund the respective amount to the user, immediately, at same source from where payment is been made.

Quality / Precision / Craftsmanship

Every product detail page has precautions mentioned, if a user follows that, product customization does not spoil.
At ILoveFashion, we aim at a maximum shelf life of product. That is why, major products are of same material which have a shelf life of upto 5 years. Glitter passport covers are made of a fabric, which have a maximum shelf life of about 2 years.
  • Dry glue marks are bound to be visible when a user gets a product, for some charms, because hot glue is ultra thin by nature & while its used to stick these emblems on the product,it may slip easily. As a quality check, we keep products for 24 hours after preparing them and we erase these marks and then dispatch the orders but since we cannot hold products longer, when a user gets order delivery, some charms have these dry glue marks, which can be wiped off with simple steps:- Take a cotton dab, Pour 1 single drop of kerosene, Dab this area of cotton over the surface where you see white glue marks, leave it for an hour & repeat as and when required. For Metallic passport covers do not use kerosene, please use cotton dab squeezed with water.

  • Any rivet missing will be found inside the product packing itself and if not please whatsapp us at +91 99305 05002 along with product image, we shall dispatch a few rivets and share guidance video how you can fix these rivets by your self.

Secured Payment Options

A user has almost all payment options available :- Paytm wallet, UPI, Debit card, Credit card, Net Banking
Our products are handmade & customized which are prepared after getting the name and decal details as per your choice & hence this product if returned or not received during delivery, due to any reason, this product will be of no use to anyone else, entire craftsmanship effort & cost and product cost will be wasted, is why personalised and handmade products are prepaid only.
  • Please check the mailbox Junk / Spam folder for an email from and please save this email ID for all future communications.

  • After the above check, if there is not email found and money is deducted from your bank account, such technical cliches happen if there are server issues at respective bank servers or internet server issues. Please whatsapp us immediately at +91 99305 05002

  • Once we receive your whatsapp communication, our team shall check if we have got the payment, in case we have received the payment, we shall re-send the order confirmation email and in case we have not got the payment, we will communicate to the user & he or she has to communicate to respective bank and auto refund happens from bank within 7-10 business days, it depends on the respective bank which is involved, how much time they need.
  • There are many reasons why a user is unable to make a payment, could be minor human error or error with the bank server or card which is being used.
  • We do not recommend UPI payments because their auto-refund is time consuming and UPI payments have more failures than any other medium.
  • Try using Net banking method which is supposed to be safest.  
  • If the error is faced on the net-banking page, there is a issue with respective bank  
  • Try making payment from 2 different source / bank accounts, to identify if this is not a bank / card issue.
  • Please re check all the fields if entered values and data is correct.
  • Please check the bank balance to ensure there are sufficient funds available after deducting the minimum balance to be maintained.
  • Please try making payment at different hours of the day, to ensure if bank server is not under maintenance.
  • In case the issue still arises, please whatsapp us at +91 99305 05002 with the error message screenshot image.
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